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Work in vineyard
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The farm extends with its 25 hectares within the DOP Friuli Colli Orientali area, between the municipalities of Manzano, Buttrio and Premariacco. This territory, extraordinarily suited to viticulture, has its origins in the Eocene Era and gives the grapes a particular aroma and intensity.

The ancient texts report that around the year thousand the Prampero family arrived in Friuli from the North with their own army, and after having conquered many lands, they dedicated themselves to making them fertile. 

The cultivation of the vine they have undertaken over time, with the choice of the most suitable fields, has been handed down as a precious gift. 


Even today Elisabetta retains the same sensitivity towards the land of her mother, Countess Anna di Prampero and with his spirit we apply in the company the methods of sustainable agriculture that allow us to obtain great oenological results.
Wines quality is granted by the severe managing of vineyards, together with thinning of grapes and manual harvest at the time of full and well balanced maturation of grapes.

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